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    Birthday Books

    The Birthday Book Program offers a way for you to celebrate your child's birthday and make a lasting contribution to the Wayne Thomas IMC. How it works: Mr. Smolka sends home a birthday book letter prior to your child's birthday or half-birthday. After you receive the letter and decide you would like to participate, you send a check to the IMC, payable to the Wayne Thomas Activity Fund. The IMC staff helps your child select a book from the new book selection and will use your donation to purchase additional books for our school library collection. The book becomes a part of the library collection and is enjoyed by children for years to come. In the past few years many fine additions have been made to the IMC and our collection has benefited thanks to your generosity. A name plate is placed inside the chosen book. Thank you very much for your generous support of the IMC!

    World Book Online

    Besides the encyclopedia articles, this website provides links to articles behind the current headlines, monthly features, and "Today in  History." 
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     Quiz Hub

    Play matching games in every curriculum area, practice math facts, or link to sites like PBS Kids Games, a chess game, Simon Says,  crossword puzzles, and various logic puzzles.*

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    Britannica Online

    A great place to start your research.  Encyclopedia Britannica has different reading levels for all articles, a read aloud function, pictures, and videos to help you find the information you are looking for.

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    Book Match

    Who: All 4th and 5th graders are invited to participate in Book Match. In October, Mr. Smolka forms the teams. Each team consists of four to seven players (only five at a time play at any meet). Once the teams are formed, the players decide on a team name and participate in practices and book matches together.
    What: Book Match is a recreational reading program. Teams read from a special book list and match wits with other readers from WT and other district schools in tournaments. The Book Match reading list is selected by the Youth Services Department at the Highland Park Public Library. It contains fifty titles of varying difficulty and genre. The new reading list is available in the Youth Services Department beginning June 1 of each year. Mr. Smolka distributes the list in June of each year to every student entering 4th and 5th grade. Students who are interested in joining Book Match are encouraged to begin reading from the reading list during the summer. The WT Library has at least two cpies of every book plus the books are available at the Highland Park Public Library.
    How: Teams practice once a week from October through March. Practice is held during recess in the WT IMC. Beginning in January, matches are held at the Highland Park Public Library. Two to four teams participate in a match. The spokesperson for each team selects a packet of questions as the team arrives. The questions are asked round robin, twelve questions per team. All questions can be answered by the title of a book.
    When: The Intermediate Book Match reading list will be available in the WT IMC and at the Highland Park Public  Library beginning June 1. Sign up by seeing Mr. Smolka in September. The Book Match season begins in  January and ends in March. The schedule is made by the Highland Park Public Library and is available in early  December. If after school activities conflict with the Book Match schedule, Mr. Smolka will find a substitute and  will ask the student who has to miss one of their matches to substitute for another team on an alternative date.
    Where: Practice is held in the WT IMC on Mondays during recess. All meets are held in the Meeting Room at the  Highland Park Public Library. The meets for 4th and 5th graders begin at 3:45. If you should have any questions  about Book Match, please contact Mr Smolka at msmolka@nssd112.org.