Long-Range Planning - The Future Starts Now

  • This summer and fall District 112 will embark on a long-range planning process that will synthesize and analyze feedback from current and past planning work in an effort to arrive at a long-term vision for the future for our schools. This webpage is meant to be a guide to that process and will be updated regularly as the planning work proceeds.  

  • The Future Starts Now Community Mailer

    This community mailer details the priorities, first steps, and goals that District 112 will pursue as incoming Superintendent Dr. Michael Lubelfeld takes office on July 1, 2018. 

  • Long-Range Planning Committee

    Included in Dr. Lubelfeld’s vision for moving District 112 forward towards educational excellence is the formation of a Long-Range Planning Committee. This superintendent committee will be charged with advising the superintendent so that he may recommend configuration options to the Board of Education. Dr. Lubelfeld will select the committee members, which will be comprised of the superintendent, deputy superintendent, chief financial officer, board president, district architect, construction manager, students, teachers, community members and a representative from Township High School District 113. Check back to this web portal for updates following the first meeting of the Long-Range Planning Committee on July 28th, 2018.

  • "I’ve given a lot of thought to the configuration of the school district. We have amazing groups of talented individuals who have spent hours, and weeks, and months, and years of their lives focusing on the best configuration. So, we’re not going to recreate a whole process. We’re going to synthesize it. I was brought on by the school board because I have judgment and leadership. I’m truly humbled by this awesome set of responsibilities and I’m not shy in that part of the job."

    — Dr. Lubelfeld

  • 2017 Board's Strategic Vision Web Portal 

    During the fall of 2017, the District 112 Board of Education made significant decisions to address the District’s long-standing academic, financial, and facilities challenges. The Strategic Vision web portal contains information and resources regarding the North Shore School District Board of Education’s Strategic Vision enacted in 2017.