Long-Range Planning - The Future Starts Now


  • Superintendent’s Citizen Advisory Committee for Construction Projects (SCACCP)
    The charge of the committee is to provide input to the Superintendent and the Board’s Facility Committee with input in respect to construction projects. The first construction project about which this committee will meet is the Northwood Middle School renovation project set to start in summer 2019. The formation of this committee results from the passage of Phase I of the Long-Range Plan to renovate and modernize both District 112 middle schools.

SCACCP Members


  • 2017 Board's Strategic Vision Web Portal 

    During the fall of 2017, the District 112 Board of Education made significant decisions to address the District’s long-standing academic, financial, and facilities challenges. The Strategic Vision web portal contains information and resources regarding the North Shore School District Board of Education’s Strategic Vision enacted in 2017.

  • The Future Starts Now Community Mailer

    This community mailer details the priorities, first steps, and goals that District 112 will pursue as incoming Superintendent Dr. Michael Lubelfeld takes office on July 1, 2018.