Indian Trail Parent Handbook

  • Visitors
    Visitors are always welcome at Indian Trail Elementary School. When coming into the school for any reason, state law requires that all persons report to the office. All visitors must "sign in" in the main office and wear a badge while in the building. We request that the main entrance be used at all times when visiting. If you are in the school without a badge you will be asked to report to the office or leave the school.
    TextbooksAll textbooks are the property of Indian Trail School and North Shore School District 112 School System. The textbooks are used by students attending the school. Students who lose or mutilate textbooks must pay for damages and/or replacement of the textbook.

    Students may be assigned homework on a regular basis. Check and review assignments daily with your child. Assignments are given for several reasons. 
    1. Review of material.
    2. Practice of new material.
    3. Independent reports, etc.
    Assignments for absent pupils (after 3 days)  may be obtained by calling the school office. You must call before 10:00 am, in order for the teacher to have time to prepare the work to be picked up after 3:30 pm. Students who are absent for several days because of vacations, may get their homework from teachers upon their return to school. 
    Homework assignments for students going on vacation will be given upon the student's return to school.
    Library Books

    All library books are the property of the Indian Trail School and North Shore School District 112 system. The library is open during the student instructional day. All pupils in the school are entitled to use the library materials. Pupils who lose or mutilate books or other library materials must pay for damages and/or replacement of the book or material.
    Students enter school at 8:40 a.m. and classes begin promptly thereafter.
    Grades 1-5...8:40 a.m. to 3:17 p.m. 
    Morning Kdg ...8:40 a.m. to 11:26 a.m. 
    Afternoon Kdg ...12:31 p.m. to 3:17 p.m. 
    Illness and Accident 

    Parents of children who become ill or have an accident during the school day will be contacted. If parents cannot be reached the emergency number will be called. Please be sure that your child's emergency information is complete and always current. Please remember we cannot keep seriously ill students at school. To contact the Nurse you may call 432-9257
    Playground Activities
    Playground activities are a part of the school day. Children should dress appropriately for the weather. In cases of extreme cold or inclement weather (rain, ice ) children will remain indoors. No bats, hard balls or skateboards are allowed at school unless permission is granted by the principal or teacher. No play guns or knoves are permitted at school at any time.
    School Dress
    Students are encouraged to dress comfortably, healthy, and cleanly at all times. Please make sure that all shirts and tops with advertisements printed on them are in good taste. Dress that displays, advocates and/or promotes drugs, alcohol, or violence will not be permitted.