About Mrs. Robinson

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  • Contact Info:

    *If you need to get a message to Mrs. Robinson before the end of the school day please leave a message with Mrs. Garcia in the office. There is not always time to check voicemail and email throughout the day! Thank you!


    Mrs. Robinson graduated from Lake Forest College in 2004 with Bachelor Degrees in Elementary Education and Music. In June 2011, she completed her Master of Education degree in Reading and Literacy at Benedictine University, and is now a certified Reading Specialist. Mrs. Robinson has been a part of the Indian Trail community since 2005. She began as a resource assistant, spent a year as a fourth grade teacher, and then found her way to second grade!

    Mrs. Robinson has been a violinist since 1991. She continues to perform with the Lake Forest Civic Orchestra and teaches private lessons to beginners. She also enjoys yoga, hiking, camping, cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks, cookies, and walking her dogs. Mrs. Robinson lives in Volo with her husband, Darby, and their two dogs, and two cats!

What should my child be doing for homework?

  • Literacy

    • Read! Read! Read!
      • Together, alone, out loud, or quietly!
      • Inside, outside, on the move!
      • Books, magazines, poems, song lyrics, signs, and cereal boxes!
      • Show your child what life as a reader looks like outside of school. 
    • RAZ Kids
      • Teacher login in: krobinson96
      • Listening to reading allows students to experience text at a higher level than they can read. This means they are exposed to more complex texts and new vocabulary!


    • Dreambox
      • Takes students through all of the 2nd grade Common Core State standards and beyond!
    • Xtramath
      • Meant for quick bursts of basic fact practice
    • Ask your child to teach you how to play their favorite new math game. Most can be played with a regular deck of cards or six-sided dice.

    Life / Creativity / Problem Solving / Social Skills:

    • Play outside!
    • Do a puzzle
    • Play a board game or card game
    • Create art
    • Climb a tree
    • Build something
    • Make a book
    • Explore nature or science
    • Cook or bake together
    • Talk about prices at the grocery store
    • Plan a party together (budget, guests, supplies, and food)
    • Listen to or create music
    • Eat dinner as a family
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Our Schedule

  • Everyday:

    Lunch 11:50-12:15

    Recess 12:15-12:40


    Music 1:45-2:15

    P.E. 2:45-3:15


    P.E. 2:15-2:45

    Music 2:45-3:15


    P.E. 2:15-2:45

    Music 2:45-3:15


    Art 1:45-2:45

    P.E. 2:45-3:15


    Buddies 11:20-11:50

    Library 2:15-2:45

    P.E. 2:45-3:15


  • Water bottle image WATER BOTTLES:

    The students are allowed to keep a water bottle at their table throughout the year.  Please, no juice or sports drinks.  Please only send bottles with a “sport top” to avoid spills. We sit at tables, one spill can ruin 5 students' work! Thank you!


    Happy Birthday Image BIRTHDAYS:
    We love to celebrate birthdays in 2R! 

    The students should pick out a book from home or from school to share as their special birthday book. Students are welcome to read it, or Mrs. Robinson will read it to the class!

    As part of the District 112 policy, parents are asked not to send any food or other favor to celebrate their child’s birthday. Parents may want to consider taking part in the "Birthday Book" program with the school library (contact Mrs. Grost kgrost@nssd112.org) in honor of their child's birthday.

Resources About Homework in Elementary School

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  • I am need of daily volunteers to help run our Camp Read-a-Lot take home reading program! Volunteering can take as little as ten minutes, or you are welcome to stay as long as you can. (I always have extra jobs for volunteers to do!) If you are interested in volunteering, click the calendar link above to find dates without a volunteer's name and send an email to krobinson@nssd112.org with the dates of your availibilty. Volunteers are welcome to come any time within 9:00-11:50 or 12:45-1:45. I will confirm your dates through email and add your name to the calendar at the link above. Thanks and I hope to see you soon!