Gaggle Safety Management

  • North Shore School District 112 and Gaggle Partner to Implement Safety Management for G Suite For Education From Google


    North Shore School District 112 and Gaggle have joined in a partnership to keep District 112 students safe when they use G Suite for Education from Google. District 112 will use Gaggle Safety Management for G Suite to further promote student and educator productivity in a safe and controlled environment which adheres to the District's Electronic Acceptable Use Policy.

    Gaggle Safety Management combines technology with expert Safety Representatives, who review content 24/7 to assure students are safe. Gaggle identifies inappropriate words and images in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and more.  Trained professionals then apply consistent, school- or district-approved policies for positive intervention, alerting building principals if there is an imminent threat to a student.  The Gaggle Safety Management Team determines where incident content falls based on an Incident Response Rubric.

    Gaggle has been providing safe online learning products and solutions to schools and educators since 1999. The company's focus remains on student safety so educators can have the confidence to allow learners to take advantage of current technology for communication, collaboration, and learning.  To learn more about Gaggle, visit

    In short, Gaggle identifies three types of incidents: (1) User Violations, (2) Questionable Content (QCON), and (3) Possible Student Situations (PSS).  Students are emailed directly about “User Violation” offenses stating that what they are doing, saying, or sending is inappropriate.  Principals are directly emailed for the other two incident types, Questionable Content (QCON) and Possible Student Situations (PSS), and can investigate and respond to incidents as appropriate.  More information about the different types of incidents can be found on the Gaggle Safety Management video.