photo of Wendy Hoffhines
  • I am Wendy Hoffhines and I have been teaching math at Edgewood since 2015. Before teaching at Edgewood, I worked in Washington DC and Chicago as a professional flutist. When my daughters got to be school aged, I started to teach flute at New Trier High School and discovered a passion for teaching. I am fascinated by the practical applications of math and love to teach and share my passion for math by showing how it is used in the real world. My hope is that students learn not only math, but also that they see the beauty and usefulness of becoming fluent in mathematics.

    I graduated from Wake Forest University as a math and music major. I also hold a Masters degree in flute performance from the Universtiy of Maryland at College Park and a Masters degree in Education from National Louis University.

    I live in Wilmette with my husband and two daughters. I enjoy playing and listening to music (all sorts), travelling (especially to Colorado!), and visiting my family and friends in Florida.