• Long-Range Planning Committee September 12th Meeting
    Video Frequently Asked Questions


    The following page is a Video Frequently Asked Questions. Each question asked at the LRPC September 12th meeting is listed below. Each question has a link to a short portion of the meeting video that responds to the question. If you would like to view the entire video of the meeting, click here. If you would like to view a PDF of the presentation handed out that night, click here. Note: An updated proposal details will be presented at the Sept 24 LRPC Meeting. Watch at www.nssd112.org/meetings from 5:30 - 7 pm

    Will the academic and facility improvements focus only on the “bookends” - Early Childhood and Middle School?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/8r3AATOX33E

    Length: 10:26 mins


    Can you explain the proposed funding method to fund district improvements and what alternative revenue bonds are? Is this approach risky to the district and community?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/ePaYnZp1cXk

    Length: 2:15 mins


    What is the rationale behind combining Braeside School into Ravinia School rather than the other way around?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/oWfqwp3c1zw

    Length: 1:12 mins


    What is the rationale behind combining Sherwood School into Red Oak School rather than the other way around?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/AmZueUqi69A

    Length: 1:21 mins


    What is being done and will be done to improve educational outcomes in District 112?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/Btfj9Jl6ya0

    Length: 2:48 mins


    What changes will be made to the Dual Language Program under the 7-Schools-in-7-Years plan?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/G8w8-ipv7HU

    Length: 2:56 mins


    Because revised boundaries will be phased-in starting with kindergarten classes under the proposed plan, what will happen to sidlings that are currently in the district?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/7m1J7FyTgAI

    Length: 00:36 secs


    How is the issue of teacher retention being handled as the plan is developed and implemented?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/QaoDoNpNfMs

    Length: 00:49 secs


    Will Red Oak’s Early Childhood Learning Center be ready for the 2019-2020 school year and what will the facility look like?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/HVo_WXGvcxw

    Length: 1:09 mins

    What additional educational opportunities will be offered by the 7-Schools-in-7-Years model?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/G13ZvYObGEk

    Length: 1:57 mins


    What will be the total number of student population and number of sections at each school?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/uNqLvafrJdM

    Length: 00:15 secs


    Why will this plan take seven years to complete and is there anything that can be done to accelerate it?  
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/og5S8TqN3-c

    Length: 1:21 mins


    Is relocating the District 112 Administration Center to the former Lincoln School the best investment for the community?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/2qH5lyVRgkU

    Length: 2:18

    Will the park and playground at the former Lincoln School be kept if Administration Center moves to that location?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/mmc3mJQv3F8

    Length: 00:40 secs


    What will happen to the Special Education programs at Sherwood if the school is closed?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/_zBSNdtHQ54
    Length: 00:33 secs

    How will teachers and staff members be reassured of job security as the plan is implemented over the seven year period?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/2Kr1CAFvVGg

    Length: 00:37 secs

    Will Red Oak’s Early Childhood Learning Center have all necessary age appropriate facilities ready for students given the fact that construction may not be completed until 2021? Also, where will the Northwood Jr. High and Edgewood Middle School student populations be housed during the proposed construction projects?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/45YUeRX5Yyo

    Length: 01:32 mins

    Will opening the District Center at the former Lincoln School offer the larger community theater or gym space that may be found at some community centers and is that location centrally located enough?   

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/0bQj6eICkws

    Length: 00:55 secs

    With Braeside Elementary School having Historic Landmark distinction, would we be better off moving there instead of the proposed move to Ravinia Elementary School?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/-fLjaYNDKZU

    Length: 00:21 secs


    Is the district mindful of the possibility that some community members may see some of these ideas as predetermined and that they are being guided down a certain path by a new leader?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/GLKBM73uz98

    Length: 4:50 mins


    What should our PTAs and PTOs be concentrating on as this process continues?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/s5hawYsMo9s

    Length: 1:02


    When a parent walks into a school do they know what their child is learning?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/5Ma9cSddwLw

    Length: 00:39 secs


    Will school and climate data be used in the same way that Dr. Lubelfeld put in action at Deerfield School District 109?

    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/DKmcGLAw-Ys

    Length: 2:19 mins

    Why are all of our schools underperforming?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/hLCfJNtJOLY

    Length: 00:45 secs

    When looking at the future of District 112, how should the community address equity and equality?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/vyVE0I7oolA

    Length: 1:06 mins


    Does placing the entire military population at Northwood Jr. High cause the school to have too large of a at-risk/transient population, and is that equitable?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/2Yuj84RjgBI

    Length: 1:31 mins

    Is there a reality to the perception of racism in our community?
    Link to Watch https://youtu.be/QByMIGy-SVk

    Length: 00:21 secs