Student Services

Student Services
  • The Department of Student Services believes that school and family partnerships are key to student success. Providing information to parents allows them to meaningfully participate in their children's education.  


    The Department of Student Services is responsible for:


    • Overseeing programs and services for students eligible for special education or section 504 plans and ensuring they are implemented in accordance with federal and state laws;


    • Registering all students new to the district and ensuring that student residency requirements established in Board of Education Policy 7:60 are met;


    • Developing and overseeing policies and procedures related to student health and wellness, including student social-emotional health and nursing practices;


    • Maintaining student records and managing requests for student records;


    • Serving as the Homeless Liaison for the District per the McKinney-Vento Act;


    • Overseeing student discipline, including proactive supports through Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS);


    If you have any additional questions after reviewing this website, please contact the Associate Principal for Student Services at your child’s school or the Department of Student Services at (224) 765-3048.


    Dr. Holly Colin
    Assistant Superintendent of Student Service


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