NSSD 112 Safety and Security


    Along with educating, the greatest responsibility for a school district is the protection of its students and staff. NSSD 112 takes this responsibility to heart. Below are resources that help the District live up to that charge.


    BluePoint Alert

    BluePoint Alert Solutions provides the District an integrated Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that instantly notifies emergency responders and building occupants of an emergency situation, expedites a rapid response, triggers emergency management protocols and ultimately saves lives.
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    Safety and Security Task Force

    This District task force is charged with reviewing current progress on recommendations, identifying additional/new items to consider in the area of safety and security, reviewing school safety drill records, and reviewing School/District Incident command system with local agencies.
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    Playground Home Safety Check List

    Each year, more than 200,000 children go to U.S. hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playground equipment. NSSD 112 designs play spaces that reduce this risk while allowing children to explore and enrich themselves through open play. Safety is also a community effort that takes us all to accomplish. The District has provided a checklist to make sure that at home playgrounds are safe for children of all ages. 
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