Student Chromebooks

  • Student Chromebooks

    Included here are resource links for you information.

    1. Chromebook Insurance Information - (Spanish Version)
    2. Parent Overview Handout - (Spanish Version)
    3. Parent Presentation Slideshow
    4. Student and Parent Expectation Contract - (Spanish Version)
    5. Parent Tips for Digital Citizenship - (Spanish Version)


    Parental Extensions for use on Student Chromebooks:  Student chromebooks are managed by North Shore School District 112. Through a managed license we restrict student ability to search the internet using Google SafeSearch.  In addition to this, we limit the applications and extensions that students can install on their chromebooks to those that have been vetted by classroom teachers.  If you still have concerns about student chromebook usage, you may consider using a parental blocking application/extension such as BlockSite and/or StayFocused. -- Whitelisted Student Email Domains and Chromebook Apps & Extensions


    Damaged/Lost Chromebooks -- The Insurance Process:  Enrollment in the Chromebook Insurance program is paid for through annual student registration fees, specifically the technology portion of this fee.  Your registration in the One2Risk program will protect you from the full cost to repair or replace your school-issued device and limit your responsibility to a per-occurrence deductible ($25), should a loss occur.  Students can report issues to their teachers who will then enter a SchoolDude ticket describing the incident.  From here, the Technology Department will assess the damage and file a claim with our insurance company.  Once the claim is paid, the student chromebook is repaired and returned.