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Equity and Inclusivity

At North Shore School District 112, we are committed to fostering a safe, positive and inclusive environment for all of our students and staff.

As stated in the student handbook, "Equal educational and extracurricular opportunities are available to all students without regard to race, color, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, age, religious beliefs, physical or mental disability, status as homeless, immigration status, order of protection status, or actual or potential marital or parental status, including pregnancy. No student shall, based on sex or sexual orientation, be denied equal access to programs, activities, services, or benefits or be limited in the exercise of any right, privilege, advantage, or denied equal access to educational and extracurricular programs and activities."

Board of Education Policies

Equity Work

Throughout 2023, the Board of Education engaged in equity sessions with national expert Dr. Sarena Shivers. Following these meetings, the Board directed the administration to pursue work focused on inclusive and equitable practices. This led to the creation of two S.M.A.R.T.I.E. (Specific-Measurable-Actionable-Realistic-Timely-Inclusive-Equitable) goals:

  1. Obtain feedback from at least 50% of EL families on their experience and overall satisfaction with their child’s education and how they chose whether or not to participate in the District 112 Dual Language, Two-Way Immersion program. The results of this engagement were shared with the Board at a Committee of the Whole meeting on January 9, 2024 and the regular meeting on January 16, 2024. EL SURVEY PRESENTATION SLIDES
  2. The administration and its partners will conduct a detailed analysis of the educational outcomes for English Learner students. Looking at both the English Learner students in the Dual Language program and those in traditional programs of instruction (TPI) EL programs. The Board aims to have the administration develop actionable recommendations to improve English Learner academic performance and to reduce achievement gaps with other groups of students. The results of this analysis were shared with the Board at a Committee of the Whole meeting on January 9, 2024 and the regular meeting on January 16, 2024. DUAL LANGUAGE PROGRAM EVALUATION PRESENTATION SLIDES

Equity in Teaching and Learning

At North Shore School District 112, our Teaching and Learning Department is dedicated to providing culturally appropriate and responsive instructional materials, as well as equipping our teachers and staff with the cultural competencies necessary for effective teaching. We believe that fostering a culturally relevant educational environment is essential for the success and well-being of our diverse student body.

Evidence of Culturally Appropriate and Responsive Instructional Materials:

  • When reviewing new instructional materials for board adoption we meticulously evaluate the instructional materials to ensure they are culturally appropriate and responsive to the needs of our students. We make sure that materials reflect diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds, ensuring that our curriculum is inclusive and reflective of all students' experiences.

Cultural Competencies for Teachers and Staff:

  • Our educators and staff have been included in book studies that focus on cultural competence, equity, and inclusion. We believe that it is essential for our teachers to have the knowledge and skills to create a supportive and culturally sensitive classroom environment.

Representative Texts:

  • We have carefully chosen representative texts that promote cultural understanding, empathy, and critical thinking among our students. These texts are found in classroom text collections and in all our school libraries.
  • We work closely with publishers who provide lists of culturally responsive portions within their texts. This ensures that our students have access to content that reflects their diverse backgrounds and encourages meaningful discussions.

Instructional Framework:

  • Our instructional framework is designed to incorporate culturally relevant pedagogical approaches. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting the cultural backgrounds of our students, making learning more engaging and relatable.

By incorporating these elements into our teaching and learning practices, we aim to create an educational environment where every student feels valued, seen, and empowered to succeed. Our commitment to cultural relevance is not just a goal; it is a guiding principle that shapes our approach to education, ensuring that we meet the unique needs of all our students.

Calendar of Observances

Explore our Calendar of Observances and Heritage Months to celebrate diversity and promote equity across our school district. This resource highlights important dates and cultural events to foster understanding and inclusion.

How to Report Discrimination

Any student or parent/guardian with an equal opportunity concern should contact:

Nondiscrimination/Title IX Coordinator
Dr. Monica Schroeder
Deputy Superintendent
445 Sheridan Road
Highwood, IL 60040

Complaint Manager
Dr. Holly Colin
Assistant Supt. of Student Services
445 Sheridan Road
Highwood, IL 60040

Complaint Manager
Dr. Kevin Ryan
Assistant Supt. of Teaching and Learning
445 Sheridan Road
Highwood, IL 60040

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