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LCHD Prevention Services

In partnership with the Lake County Health Department, we are starting a 18-video series for the Parent Underage Drinking Prevention Campaign. Each video is 30-90 seconds long sharing campaign messages from Northwood and Edgewood staff. Below are the first videos that have been produced with more on the way!

Northwood Teacher Laura Baartmans: Protect Your Teens Developing Brain

Laura Baartmans shares how talking about not drinking underage protects your teen’s developing brain. It’s not the 1 - 60 minute conversation that will make the difference, it’s the 60, 1-minute conversations. Keep Showing up, they’re still growing up.

Northwood Teacher Mr. Steinbach: Rules to Think About

Bill Steinbach talks about how kids should know you do not approve of them drinking alcohol underage and if they did drink, they would likely be caught. Setting rules for your family is just one way you take care of them every day.

Edgewood teacher Carly Shepard: Talk Before it Becomes a Big Event

Carly Shepard shares how HAVING A “TALK” with a child can seem like a big task. That’s why it’s important to talk with them about not using alcohol underage before it becomes a big event.