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7:15: Student Survey Opt Out Form


The following North Shore School District 112 (NSSD 112) Board of Education Policy governs student survey procedures. Please proceed to the form below if you wish to opt your student out of any NSSD 112 survey.

7:15 Student and Family Privacy Rights Surveys
All surveys requesting personal information from students, as well as any other instrument used to collect personal information from students, must advance or relate to the District’s educational objectives as identified in policy 6:10, Educational Philosophy and Objectives, or assist students’ career choices. This applies to all surveys, regardless of whether the student answering the questions can be identified or who created the survey. 

Please fill out separate surveys if you have more than one student opting out of a survey.
Please enter your name and email below to indicate you wish for your student to be opted out of the survey you have listed above. 
First Name
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