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Three Pillars of Bilingual Education

An image showing the three pillars of Bilingual Education

Biliteracy and Bilingualism

This pillar emphasizes the importance of developing proficiency in both English and Spanish. The goal is not only to enable students to communicate effectively but also to think and understand concepts in both languages. This proficiency supports cognitive development and academic achievement in all subject areas.

High Academic Achievement

The second pillar focuses on ensuring that students achieve academic success in all subject areas, not just in language learning. The aim is to ensure that bilingual education enhances learning opportunities and outcomes for students.

Sociocultural Competency

This pillar underscores the importance of students developing an understanding and appreciation of multiple cultures. It involves recognizing and valuing diversity, fostering a positive identity and developing the skills to navigate and bridge different cultural contexts. This is critical for personal development, social integration and global citizenship.