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First Day Exclusion

North Shore School District 112 will be requiring parents of students entering pre-school, kindergarten and sixth grade to present documentation that their child has had a physical examination and received required immunizations PRIOR to the opening of school.

Students entering pre-school, kindergarten, sixth grade or those entering school at any grade for the first time in Illinois, are required by Illinois School Code to present evidence of a completed physical examination by a licensed physician or a certified nurse practitioner or physician assistant who has been delegated the performance of health examinations by a supervising physician. Additionally, these students must also present evidence of having received immunizations against preventable communicable diseases as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health. In the event that students cannot demonstrate that they have had a physical examination or met the immunization requirements, Illinois School Code requires school districts to exclude students from attending school.

All physicals are required to have the parent section completed, including a parent signature.