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Lice Protocol


  1. The teacher or parent/guardian will notify the school nurse when a case of head lice is suspected.
  2. The nurse will then inspect the student with the suspected case.  
  3. If head lice or nits are found, the affected student’s siblings will be checked. If siblings attend other district schools, the nurse at the other school will be notified and the siblings will be checked there.
  4. If head lice or nits are found, at the administrator and/or the nurse’s discretion, other students who may have had close contact with the infested student may also be inspected.
  5. Students will be excluded from the school setting for the presence of live lice. Students may also be excluded for the presence of increased nits after treatment.
  6. When a case is found, the nurse will:
    1. Notify the principal.
    2. Notify the parent/guardians.
    3. Inform parent/guardians about re-admission criteria.
    4. Provide the parent/guardian of the affected student with information regarding the treatment of lice.
  7. Notification process will be as follows:
    1. In the elementary schools, parents of students in the affected student’s classroom will be notified about the presence of three confirmed cases in the class.
    2. At the middle schools, if there are more than three cases of lice on a student’s academic team, parents of non-affected students will be notified about the presence of confirmed cases at the discretion of the nurse and building administrator.  
    3. If the total number of affected children is greater than 5% of the entire school population, families of all students in the school will be notified.
  8. Parents/guardians of affected students will be advised to share this information with child care providers or other persons/groups with whom the child may have had close contact outside of regular school hours.
  9. The building principal or designee will notify the facilities operation manager to conduct approved cleaning procedures.  
  10. Full classroom checks are not recommended by current research.
  11. All-school head check inspections conducted by parent volunteers and/or outside providers will be eliminated.
  12. If a case has been identified:                                                                                             
  13. The school nurse will conduct a follow-up check within 7-10 days to assess for live lice and/or a decrease in the number of nits.  The school nurse may inspect more frequently at her discretion.
  14. Further notification or action is at the discretion of the principal, the school nurse, and the superintendent’s designee.



Your child has a case of head lice. Items in your home and other members of your household may also be infested with head lice.  In order to get rid of this problem and to prevent your child from getting head lice again from infested items or persons in your home, please complete the below checklist.