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Inscripcíon al programa dual - Dual Language Enrollment


Students who are identified as English Learners (ELs) (Figure 1) and who speak Spanish as a home language are automatically invited to participate in the dual language program in kindergarten through 8th grade. Students who speak Spanish at home, are screened and found to be English proficient and then are also screened and found to be proficient in Spanish, are also automatically invited to participate in the program.

Any other District 112 student may apply for the dual language program via lottery and, if accepted, will be assigned to one of the schools that provides dual language programming.

Click here to view enrollment and registration information for the dual language program. Please note that registration must be completed before a student is eligible to apply for the program.  


For the 2022-23 school year, applications for dual language program enrollment will be available from February 1, 2022 through May 15, 2022. Applications must be submitted prior to February 25th, 2022 to be considered during the first round of selections. The application process is open only to registered students living within the District 112 attendance boundaries.

To ensure an equitable selection process, the only information used to make a selection is the information contained within the application and received through the online program application form.

In the application process, applicants are assigned a random number and chosen by lottery. Consideration is given to gender balance and overall class sizes at the schools impacted by the selection. First round selection notifications will be sent to families in March.

The selection notifications will be send via email and includes a deadline to inform the district whether or not the placement is accepted. Additional selections will be made depending on available space. 

  • First priority for enrollment is given to English proficient students who currently have siblings participating in the dual language program.
  • Second priority for enrollment is given to students who have participated in Dual Language preschool at the Green Bay Early Childhood Center.