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Special Education Services

The Student Services Department provides an extensive range of services for students who qualify for special education due to challenges in academics, social skills or language. These students receive support and benefit from diverse resource aids and related service professionals. The department prioritizes the use of instructional materials backed by research, and skill progress is regularly tracked. Emphasizing a collaborative approach, the department advocates for parental involvement, inviting parents and guardians to play a significant role in their child's educational journey.

Public Act 101-0515 (HB3586): Students with disabilities may receive related services as part of their individual education programs (IEPs). The school district will maintain related service logs that record the type and number of minutes of related service(s) administered to such students.  These service logs are considered part of a student’s temporary school record. Copies of the related service logs will be available to parents/guardians at their child’s annual review IEP meeting and anytime upon request of the child’s parent or guardian.

In addition to special education programming, North Shore School District 112 also provides a variety of services to students eligible for special education. These services are available in all schools in North Shore School District 112.

Updated Procedural Safeguards 2022 (English)
Updated Procedural Safeguards 2022 (Spanish)

The type and amount of services listed below are determined as a part of the development of each child’s IEP:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Adaptive Physical Education
  • Extended School Year Services
  • Hearing Itinerant Services**
  • Occupational Therapy*
  • Physical Therapy*
  • Social Work
  • Speech and Language
  • Vision Itinerant Services*

Please note:

Speech itinerant services are available to students ages 3 to 5 that qualify for services in the Early Childhood Program at Oak Terrace Elementary School.. Speech and Language Eligibility and Service Guidelines that North Shore School District 112 utilizes are available here.

*Services provided through TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804.

**Services provided through NSSEO.