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Otus Parent / Guardian Access

For the last four years, one of the top priorities of North Shore District 112 has been establishing a districtwide guaranteed and viable curriculum that supports all learners. The dedication of our District 112 teachers who have engaged in collaborative work around the implementation of consistent resources has been remarkable. In order to further support this work, a system that consistently measures student progress toward mastery of standards and clearly communicates this progress to parents and guardians was implemented in 2020.

Otus is an online platform that serves as a Learning Management System, Data Analytic Engine, and Gradebook. Complete with a Parent Portal and Report Card feature, Otus serves as a solution that makes the collection, analysis, and reporting of data more efficient and usable for teachers, students, and parents / guardians.

Here are steps for creating your own Parent Portal in Otus:

  1. Go to

  2. Select Create a New Account

  3. Choose Family as the user type. Click Continue.

  4. Fill in your first name, last name (NOT your student’s name), and phone number to Continue.

  5. Type in your email address, create a new password for Otus, and select Finish.


Here are steps for linking a student to your family account:

  1. Locate your Student Code in the Student Account

    1. When your student logs in to their Otus account, have them open their profile icon at the bottom left and select Edit Profile.

  1. Their student code is located on this page:

  1. Login to your Family Otus Account

  2. From the My Student screen, select Add a Student

  1. Enter the student code

  2. Choose your relationship to the student

  3. Select Done

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