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  •  What Type of Reader Are You?

    Quiz Results


    Once you have completed the quiz  use your score to figure out what type of reader you are based on the point ranges below.


    Emerging Reader: 0-18

    "There is no such thing as a kids who hates reading.  There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books."- James Patterson

    You might think that reading is boring, but maybe you just haven't found the right book yet.  With millions of titles out there you can't possibly hate them all.  Reading also doesn't have to be a silent, lonely activity.  Try listening to a book on a walk, on a car or plane ride, or while doing something like cleaning your room.  Try books of all types of genres: graphic novels, mysteries, romance.  Find movies you like and see if they were inspired by a book and give the book a try.  Set small goals for yourself, mabye reading one book this summer, or 10 minutes a day for a week or a month.  Reading is a life long skill and you have a lifetime to find a book that you love.


    Loyalist: 19-23

    You love a good series or are devoted to a topic, like space, animals, or even genres like fantasy or mystery, or maybe even to an author like Alan Gratz.  Keep up that dedication, but don't forget there is a world of great literature out there waiting to be obsessed over.  For every of your favorite books you read, try one that maybe you wouldn't pick up at first glance.  Sometimes a book can surprise us.  What might look boring or outside of our comfort zone might turn into our next favorite.  You can always start small, maybe try a book your favorite author recommends or an informational book about something or someone mentioned in a fictional book you have read.  Don't worry, your favorite books aren't going anywhere.


    Informational Enthusiast: 24-38

    You would make an excellent contestant on any trivia gameshow.  You have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn everything you can either about a particular subject, or maybe about everything you can.  You are curious and enjoy spending time expanding your mind.  This hobby will serve you well in life, so keep reading.  Maybe one day you might have your name in a book as an expert, or you might even write your own. 


    Fiction Lover: 39-63

    Whether it be a msytery, a science fiction adventure, or a fantasy world, you love a good story.  Being transported to another place, time, or dimension is exactly what you are looking for in a book.  Reading fiction can be a great way to both see ourselves and learn about others.  Fiction can also teach us as much as informational books about other cultures, times, and places.  Whether it is taking a break from your own life for a while, or finding a character that you see yourself in, fiction can be a great medicine for whatever ails you. 


    A True Bookworm: 64 and above

    You haven't met a book you haven't loved, or at least haven't tried to love.  There is no better way to spend a day then in between the pages of a book, or whatever the digital or audio equivalent is.  Libraries and bookstores are your favorite places to visit and your "To Be Read" list is about a mile long.  Make sure you spend some time engaging with the real world every once in a while, but who am I kidding, all my favorite people are fictional characters too.



    Do you have anything to read this summer? Check out the Edgewood Library Virtual Bulletin Board for some inspiration.  


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