6th Grade Math and Science

  • I started teaching at North Shore School District 112 in August 2008.  From the fall of 2008 to the spring of 2012, I taught a combination of 7th grade math and science classes at Edgewood Middle School.  For the 2012-2013 school year I taught 6th grade English and Social Studies.  From 2013 – 2015, I continued teaching Social Studies and 6th grade science. Starting in 2016 I moved back to the math department and am currently teaching 6th grade science and math.  I feel so lucky that in my time at Edgewood I have gotten to teach 7th grade Pre Algebra, Honors Algebra, Science, and Academic Enrichment Math and 6th grade English, Social Studies, Academic Enrichment Reading, and Science!  That’s EIGHT different subjects!

    I earned my Masters degree in Instructional Leadership at Loyola University, earned my ELL (English Language Learners) certificate,  completed an administrative internship at Wayne Thomas Elementary School in Highland Park, and studied abroad in Rome, Italy.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in elementary education at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, IL , along with an endorsement in middle school math, science, language arts, and social science.


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