6th grade Science Mrs. Julie Tracey 224-765-3217

  • Curiosity, Engagement, Unknown, Problem-Solving, Innovative, Collaboration, Persistant = SCIENCE 

    As an Edgewood Eagle since 2001, my passion and quest to become an educator started when I was in third grade. My teacher, Mr. Walther encouraged me to think in ways I have never thought before and told me because of my unique talents one day I would be a leader. From that year forward, I knew I wanted to be an educator.  During my 8th grade year at Springman Middle School in Glenview, Ms. Pittman opened by eyes to the world of science and its endless possibilities. Sharing the knowledge of science with my students is the most amazing experience when you see them engaged and excited to explore the unknown. Our youth is shaping the future for us today.  I am excited what tomorrow will bring with their curiosity, persistance, and determination to question everything in our scientific world around us.