Picture of Beth Wirtz
  • Hi, I am Beth Wirtz.  I have been teaching at Edgewood Middle School since 2002.  I began teaching in 1997 and have taught grades 6 through seniors in high school.  I have taught all levels from those just beginning the language through to those preparing for the AP exam.  Besides my Spanish degree from Illinois Wesleyan, I have studied Curriculum and Instruction at National Louis and Educational Technology at Concordia University Chicago.

    My love for the language and culture began in 4th grade when a new student arrived in my class from Chile.  Her English skills were weak, but I helped her with English while she began teaching me Spanish.  Later in my educational career, I was fortunate enough to visit her home in Chile and live with her family members for awhile while I continued my study of the language and culture.

    Students will be challenged in my class to look beyond learning vocabulary and verb conjugations.  It is my hope that students learn to use the language in meaningful ways to help support them as they work to become global citizens.