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  • Edgewood offers many different activities for our students. Involvement in clubs and extracurricular activities is a great way to learn new skills, improve upon areas of strength, and make new friends. Click through the list on the left to learn more about club and find out to how to get more involved.

Student Interest Survey

  • Edgewood students, please take a moment to fill out the Student Interest Survey.  Participating in extracurricular activities is an incredibly important component to the middle school experience. This form is to indicate your interest in our extra curricular offerings at Edgewood Middle School. Please keep in mind that there is NO COMMITMENT associated with indicating your interest in any club or activity, and you DO NOT HAVE TO participate in a club by selecting the box. Please check off the boxes that you think you are interested in participating this year. There is also a spot at the bottom for you to add ideas of what extracurriculars you would like to see offered here at Edgewood. Please share any ideas that you have!!!