Learn more about the Permeable Pavers at Northwood Middle School

  • Permeable pavers are a pavement system that allows rainwater to infiltrate into the ground below the pavement system. They are designed so water can pass at the joints between paver bricks. These systems are one of the tools in stormwater management to reduce and slow down stormwater run-off to prevent flooding. 

    Northwood Middle School has areas of permeable pavers in each of the two parking lots. The east parking lot can store about 19,450 gallons of water and the south parking lot about 9,725 gallons of water.

    Based on information available from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the east parking lot pavers can allow about 125,300 gallons of water per day to infiltrate back into the ground; and the south parking paver area allows about 67,300 gallons of water per day back into the ground.