Personnel Services

    welcome The mission of the Personnel Services Department is to provide our community with the highest quality staff by applying state-of-the-art personnel practices. 


    We believe the employees of North Shore School District 112 constitute the most important resource for providing a quality educational program for our students. 


    Recognizing this, it is the goal of the Department of Personnel to provide for the following:


    • Recruitment and selection of the very best available candidates for all open positions in the District.
    • Allocation of the NSSD112’s human resources in a manner that makes the greatest contribution to the instructional program while remaining aware of the economic parameters of the District.
    • A climate in which optimum staff performance and satisfaction are produced.
    • Promotion of employee/employer relations.
    • Development and use of evaluation processes that contribute to the improvement of staff performance and that increase job satisfaction.
    • To provide employees with information and assistance in order to be successful in their work.