• ALO Instructional Givens & Delivery Models

    Updated September 2017


    Advanced Learning Opportunity teachers provide an adaptive delivery model based upon individual learner profiles. 



    • A process exists to ensure that students who require additional challenge and rigor are sufficiently supported in their learning. 
    • ALO staff work with classroom teachers and students to provide opportunities to enrich the English and Language Arts and Mathematics standards.
    • All students K-5 are provided with regular opportunities to promote thinking development. Services are adaptive in nature and flexibly delivered to meet the unique needs of our students. 
    • Emphasis is on complex instruction to promote deeper exploration of grade-level standards. 
    • ALO and grade level teams will determine the best push-in delivery model that meets students’ and grade level needs including but not limited to: 
      • co-teaching
      • small, flexible groups
      • whole group instruction
      • personalized learning approach

    ALO Content Expectations 


    K-2 Thinking Development 

    • Exposes all students to think critically/analytically, practically, and creatively  (Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory)
    • Invites student inquiry and wonder in collaborative environments
    • Introduces and strengthens habits of mind


    ALO Math 3rd - 5th

    • Extending grade-level standards 
      • Emphasis on Standards of Mathematical Practice 
      • Integrates various mathematical instructional structures (whole group, flexible (guided) groups, and complex instruction)
      • Flexible delivery model 


    ALO English Language Arts 3rd - 5th

    • Depth of grade-level standards
      • Close reading with paired, complex text sets (various genres, formats, perspectives, eras, etc.)
      • Text dependent questions and evidence based answers
      • Opportunities to discuss texts with peers
      • Opportunities to write about text 
    • Rooted in ELA Curricular Framework that includes scope documents and thematic concepts
    • Flexible delivery model