• Elm Place strives to develop students who are socially and emotionally ready to learn. Below are the structures we have in place for students: 



    PBIS School-wide Expectations: 

    Students at Elm Place are taught to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. These school-wide expectations are posted throughout the building and scholars are rewarded frequently for making positive choices. In addition, students are issued "Raider Reminders" if they are not following expectations. Some examples of positive rewards are listed below: 

    • Weekly - Raidor Ribbons to use at the school store
    • Monthly - Goldent Ticket Breakfast for scholars 
    • Quarterly - School-wide celebrations such as Dance Hour, Ice Cream Socials, or other fun activities. 



    Advisory Program and Second Step Curriculum: 

    Elm Place follows and advisory program that is built into the students schedule daily. Advisory classes are formed in 6th grade and students stick with those classes for their 3 years at Elm Place. Elm Place teachers use the second step middle school curriculum to teach students about mindsets, emotions, peer conflicts, and friendships. Each lesson is designed to engage students through reflection and conversation. 

    Advisory typically follows a schedule below: 

    Monday - Check-in on the weekend 

    Tuesday - Check-in on workload/academics (sometimes team building activities)

    Wednesday (Extended Advisory) - Second Step Lesson

    Friday - Check-out for the week

    To Learn more about Second Step visit the website



    Bullying and Social Emotional Supports: 

    Elm Place strives to develop students who are responsible, respectful, and safe both inside and outside of school. The staff at Elm Place spends time helping students build strong peer relationships and to not engage in defined bullying behaviors that disrupt student learning. Elm Place follows the district bullying policy. The NSSD112 Policy on Bullying can be found here. 


    School Level Bullying Complaint Managers:

    Contact these staff members at Elm Place: 

    • Vanessa Dugo - Social Worker 
    • Julie Jacobson - Social Worker 


    District Level Bullying Complaint Manager: 

    Dr. Kristin Swanson - Assistant Superintendent of Student Services


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