• Oak Terrace Beliefs


    We Believe That…


    1. All individuals are valued.


    2. Hard work, self-advocacy and determination are essential to achieving full potential. 


    3. Our Oak Terrace community benefits when people willingly contribute to the well-being of others.


    4. Everyone is a learner, it’s our job to empower them to be successful. 


    5. Learning enhances the quality of life. 


    6. Collaboration and the ability to accept differing points of view are essential to thrive in a diverse and interdependent world.


    7. Honesty, integrity and respect build trusting relationships that foster a sense of belonging.


    8. Education is a partnership that brings together school, family and the community. 


    9. Change involves risk and is necessary for continuous improvement in a dynamic world.


    10.Belonging precedes achievement.


    11. Diversity to university!


    12. We are strong because we belong. 


    Mission Statement  What and How

    Oak Terrace provides the means for every (child person everyone stakeholder) to belong and achieve in a diverse learning community.


    Belonging!  Diversity!  Learning!  Oak Terrace! 


    Motto/Slogan -  In Spanish

    We are diverse!               Somos diversos!

    We belong!                     Somos unidos!

    We achieve!                    Podemos lograr!!


    The mission of Oak Terrace school is to empower every student to become a responsible, life-long learner, create a sense of belonging and partnership with our community and encourage change through diversity in a climate of academic excellence. 



    Oak Terrace Elementary School


    240 Prairie Ave
    Highwood, IL 60040
    Phone: 224-765-3100

    Grados/Grades: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

    8:35 a.m. - 3:17 p.m.

    Directora/Principal: Mrs. Lilli Melamed

    Directores Associados/Associate Principals: Ms. Shalagh O'Neal and Ms. Anel Escamilla

    Mascota/Mascot:  Monarcas/Monarchs
    Colores de la Escuela/School Colors:  Red and White

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