Board Member Training

  • The state of Illinois requires mandatory school board member training in the areas of Professional Development Leadership (for board members elected after June 13, 2011) and the Open Meetings Act training. An additional mandatory training will be required after the new teacher evaluation requirements are implemented. Additional information is available in Board of Education Policy 2:120, Board Member Development.


    Board Member Development & Training


    Date Completed


    Alexander Brunk    
    Eric Ephraim Open Meetings Act Training April 12, 2014
      Professional Development Leadership
    Training and Performance Evaluation
    Reform Act
    July 14, 2014
    Dan Jenks Open Meetings Act Training  April 19, 2017
    Art Kessler  Open Meetings Act Training  April 19, 2017
    Adam Kornblatt Open Meetings Act Training  March 6, 2017
    Bennett Lasko Open Meetings Act Training May 25, 2017 
    Yumi Ross Basics of Law and Open Meetings Act
    September 15, 2011