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    To contact the 112 BOE call 224-765-3001 or send an email to boardmembers@nssd112.org



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    The NSSD112 Board of Education is charged with setting policies that determine the current and future direction of the District. The main role of the Board of Education is to hire and evaluate the superintendent. The superintendent is responsible for leading the District and its schools in accordance with state law and the school board's policies.

    The Board of Education also sets educational goals for the schools ―­ based on state laws and community values ―­ and ensures that the superintendent and District staff vigorously pursue those goals. Some of the other Board of Education responsibilities include but are not limited to:


    • Establishing and maintaining all school district policies.
    • Approving the employment of staff and the administration.
    • Ensuring the District operates in a fiscally and ethically responsible manner.


    Public Comment


    At each open school board meeting, the Board of Education allows and encourages public comment. Members of the community who wish to address the Board at a meeting can sign-up just outside of the boardroom before the meeting begins. This format allows for community members to address the Board of Education for up to three minutes. There is no dialogue with the Board of Education during public comment. Please see Board Policy 2:230 for further guidance.

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