Information for Food Day Volunteers

    Thank you for signing up to help serve lunches as food days is not possible without your help. Please understand that for the kids who signed up for lunches, this is their only access to food during the day so it is important that this program runs smoothly, so please read this entire email.
    • Upon arrival to the school, you must sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor's pass and the serving sheets for the day.
    • The vendors will deliver the meals at the lower circle drive. 
    • If the vendor is not there exactly on time, please contact them immediately then let the food day committee and the office know. The vendor and food day committee contact information is on the wall behind the serving table.
    • We provide lunches for only the students listed on the serving sheet who pre-ordered. We do not order extras meals, therefore we cannot give away or sell lunches. Please instruct the kids without a lunch to see a lunchroom teacher who will assist them in making sure they have food to eat.
    • If a student thinks they ordered lunch, but he/she is not on the serving sheet, please check their name backwards on the serving sheet. If a students name is entered backwards, please let us know so we may contact the parent to make the correction in their 'profile'.
    • If a student is not on the list and they think they should be, it is not possible as there are no orders placed that do not turn up on the serving sheet. 
    • Fruit is available for any student during lunch.  The fruit and baskets are located in the refrigerator and in the closet and should be placed on the food day table on both sides. 
    • After serving lunches, please bring the vendor food warmers to the front lobby of the school. 
    • Please make sure you sign out at the office at the end of your shift and return the visitor's pass.
    • If you are not able to volunteer on your assigned date, it is your responsibility to find a replacement as early as possible.  Lunches cannot be passed out to the students without at least 3 volunteers. 
    • Please sign up for "will call" if you would like to be contacted if someone is looking for a replacement.  Just go to the 'volunteer' tab, then click on 'sign me up for will call'. 
    Lastly, if there any issues arise with a vendor in general that needs the food day committee's attention, please contact us at to let us know.   Our individual contact information is also listed on the registration web site and on the wall outside the lunchroom.
    Again, thank you for participating the the Edgewood Food Day program and for volunteering your time.  This program cannot run without it's 100+ volunteers and your time is very much appreciated.
    The Edgewood Food Day Committee