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Strategic Plan


The Mission of North Shore School District 112, a community partnership committed to a world­-class education, is to nurture every child to become an inspired learner, a well­-rounded individual and contributing member of a global community by striving for excellence within an environment that fosters innovation, respect, engagement and intellectual inquiry.


The North Shore School District 112 five-year strategic plan guides the District’s educational philosophy, aspirations for student achievement, fiscal decision-making, and operational focus. The strategic plan lays out the district's mission and vision, core, parameters and key strategies.  It was developed in 2010 by a core team of 28 members and more than 200 staff, parents and community members who served on action teams for each of the plan’s strategies. 

The core planning group came back together in January, 2013 to revisit the plan and ensure it was still meeting the district’s needs.  The Board of Education adopted the proposed revisions in May of 2013.  The final plan is the product of sound research, extensive input from stakeholders, and represents a true community consensus on the direction for the school district.


Community members who participated on the Strategic Planning group included: Mary Beth Arzac, Jeanne Banas, David Behlow, Marc Cairo, Esther Kusy-Leavitt, Deborah Doppelt, Jen Ferrari, Estefania Garcia, Laura Golden, Emily Goldin, Juan Guzman, William Heisler, Joshua Hoyt, Anne Kondziela, Greg Kurr, Craig Lucci, Maureen Miller, Erika Moran, Jane Mordini, Cynthia Plouche, Yumi Ross, Hal Schmeisser, David Schwarz, Joel Shapiro, Beth Shapiro-Kopin, Heather Sinense, Lauri Stern, Brad Swanson and Cosme Urban.