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    Thank you for your interest in being a guest teacher in North Shore District 112. Guest teachers are an essential component of our day-to-day instruction.  Guest teachers help us sustain instructional excellence during the absence of our regular staff. If you are interested in guest teaching, you must have an Illinois Professional Educator License or an Illinois Substitute Teaching License to qualify to be a guest teacher.


    Click here to apply online to be considered for a guest teacher position. Click "start an application" and complete the form, indicating your interest in a guest/substitute position. We periodically review candidates' online credentials/applications to make additions to our guest teacher pool.  If you are being considered as an addition to our guest teacher pool, you will be contacted for an interview.


    Information about guest teaching at North Shore School District 112 is contained in our Guest Teacher HandbookAlso, feel free to view our monthly Guest Teacher Newsletter for the latest information regarding guest teaching in District 112.


    If you have any questions, please contact Patty Samuelian, Guest Teacher Coordinator at 224-765-3042, or Jessica DuBois, Executive Assistant in the Personnel Department at 224-765-3041.




    Post Selection Resources:

    After the interview, if selected to be added to our guest teacher pool, you will receive an email of acceptance outlining your mandatory training date and next steps

    You will also be emailed electronic onboarding forms through our Applitrack system(mailbot@applitrack.com). They need to be filled out and submitted within 7 days or they will expire.

    After all online forms are submitted, please prepare the following additional forms. 

    Please make an appointment with Jessica Velasquez at 224-765-3041 to be fingerprinted and turn in all additional forms above.

    After all the paperwork is in, you will be provided with a log-in and password for our AESOP system, which is used to report absences and assign guest teachers.