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The News You Can Use: November 30, 2018

November 30


Dates to Remember

Friday, December 7: Spirit Day: Bring a Favorite, Reasonably-Sized Stuffed Animal to School

Friday, December 14: Spirit Day: Sweatpants/Sweatshirt Day

Friday, December 21: Spirit Day: PJ Day


Rafiki Bracelet Fundraiser

The Fifth Grade Student Leadership Club will be selling Rafiki bracelets until Friday, December 21. Rafiki Bracelets are handcrafted by women in Kenya using traditional beading skills passed down from generation to generation. We will be starting to fundraise with WE Are Rafikis to empower the women who made them to earn a fair wage for their work. Every Rafiki bracelet sold also goes towards our school’s chosen WE Villages country and Pillar of Impact, which are Hunger and Education.


Each bracelet costs $10.00.


Cold Weather Mornings and Recess


As a reminder, North Shore School District 112 highly values outdoor physical exercise and the opportunity for daily outdoor play for all students. All schools in the North Shore School District engage in outdoor recess unless temperatures are at or below 15 degrees (including wind chill) or if there is precipitation. Students will also be allowed to come into our buildings before school when the temperature is at 15 degrees or below including wind chill. If the wind chill is above 15 degrees at 8:30 a.m., we will have outside recess before school.


Drop Off Procedures

In order to provide the safest environment for children at the beginning of the school day, please follow the procedures listed below.

If the windchill reading is ABOVE 15 degrees and it is not raining:

Students may NOT be dropped off in the lane outside Millennium Hall. Students must be dropped off between 8:30-8:40 and should go to the playground. Please form a line along Baldwin and drop off at the gate opening so we do not create a blocked roadway.

If the windchill reading is BELOW 15 degrees, or it is raining:

Students may be dropped off in the lane outside Millennium Hall, and will go directly into the school and wait for the bell to ring. The procedures will be as follows:

  • Please enter the drive and pull all the way up to the stop sign at the end of the drive. DO NOT STOP IN FRONT OF THE DOOR if there is no one in front of you. All students that are being dropped off should only leave a car that is along the curb. Please do not pull your car into a second line and expect your child to walk in front of, or between cars. Our intention is to eliminate small children from walking in front of moving vehicles to the school. In order for this to be as efficient as possible, we request that you stay in your car at all times. In addition, we ask that you wait in line at the curb to drop off your child, and do not drive around other cars until your child has exited the car.

As a reminder, we do not have supervision available for children until 8:30 a.m. Buses cannot unload until this time, and children should not leave their cars parked along Baldwin until the staff member arrives outside. After 8:45, you will need to park your vehicle in a legal parking space, enter through the front doors, and sign your child in through the office.


We appreciate your patience as we implement safe procedures for student arrival at Ravinia. With everyone working together, we anticipate a quicker drop off procedure and a safer environment for all children!


Winter Weather

Please remember to send your child appropriately dressed for the weather. We have several students who are not coming to school with coats, and the outside temperature is below 40. Tis the season for hats, coats, and gloves! Once snow hits, students will not be able to play in it unless they have snow pants and boots as well.