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Wayne Thomas Awarded HRS Designation

What is HRS?

  • The Marzano Research Group has developed the High Reliability Schools™ framework to identify best practices to implement in schools to improve student achievement. The framework organizes existing findings (research) on a wide variety of issues such as teacher and school leader development, instructional strategies, assessment and reporting, and more within one model. It identifies and explains five levels of performance that define a high reliability school (Marzano Research Group, website).

    The five levels of performance are:

    Level 1 - Safe and Collaborative Culture

    Level 2 - Effective Teaching in Every Classroom

    Level 3 - Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

    Level 4 - Standards-Referenced Reporting

    Level 5 - Competency-Based Education

    During the 2021-2022 school year, Wayne Thomas School worked to attain Level 1 certification.