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Date and Location: The ceremony will take place on June 9th at 6:30pm at the newly modernized Northwood Middle School Auditorium and will be in person for students only. The ceremony should last about 1 hour.


  • The graduation will be live streamed (link above) and recorded, so that family and friends may view the ceremony and participate virtually.
  • Gowns have been distributed. Please have your student see the main office if they did not receive a gown.
  • A separate email was sent to virtual families whose student is participating in graduation in person. Please reach out to Tony Candela with any questions.
  • We will have a professional photographer at the event who will be takinging candids and milestone parts of the ceremony. These photos will be shared at a later date.
  • Student drop off and pick up information is below


Final Week of School Information
  • Wednesday, June 9th - Regular Day of School. Last day of school for our 8th grade students. Students will participate in a PTO sponsored breakfast 1st period, we will have a graduation practice at Northwood 2nd - 5th period, and we will return to school for the remainder of the day. Students who are participating in virtual instruction but will be in person for graduation are to be dropped off to Northwood at 9:15am and picked up at 11:30am.

  • Thursday, June 10th - No 8th Grade Student Attendance - 8th Grade Party

  • Friday, June 11th - No 8th Grade Student Attendance



We are very proud and excited to have an in-person student graduation in the brand new modernized Northwood auditorium and know that this will be a special and memorable event for our students and families.


Student Drop Off and Pick Up Information

  • Students should be dropped off at Northwood Middle School between 5:30pm and 6pm. We need students to be lined up no later than 6:10pm. Please see the picture below for details on drop off and pick up information.




  • Students should be picked up after the ceremony, around 7:30pm until all students are gone. We will supervise students until everyone is picked up.
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