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News You Can Use 8.24.2018


Every year there are just a few moments when we gather together as a full school community to celebrate being together and the start of a new year. This week we have two opportunities for you all to settle into the new year and celebrate the Braeside Bobcat experience.


The first is Sunday at our Back to School Bash. This event will run from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. on the blacktop and fields behind the school. Come with the entire family. There will be food, crafts, spirit wear, dancing, and more!


After a fun afternoon in the sun at the bash we will have an all adult evening at school on Wednesday, August 29 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. This evening is a chance for everyone to hear from the classroom teachers about the great plans that are in store, ask questions, see other parents in the class community, and more. Sessions I and III are classroom based sessions presented by the teacher. Session II will be from 6:30 - 7:00 and will be led by me with a more global presentation about our school, climate, and future.


While the gatherings at the start of the year are great, we must pause and recognize that our chances to meet as adults is rare and we appreciate you all making the time.


Joseph Hailpern

Braeside School Principal




Beginning September 5th, the Illinois Department of Transportation will be conducting railroad work at the Lake Cook Road and Clavey Road crossings. These will result in approximately ten days of closure at each site. The expected impact dates at Lake Cook Road are from September 5 - 14. At Clavey we expect the work to last from September 10 - 14.


These last four days of overlap will create some angst, and I want to assure everyone that the Braeside team is working in concert with our transportation department to coordinate the bus changes that are necessary. We will be communicating more with you as the date approaches and our plans become action steps.


Please also know that the traffic pattern impact will be a problem for us all, and we’ll need to be patient through this together.


Having a hard time navigating after week one? Reach out to the classroom teachers! They are organized and ready for your questions. In fact, there is no sub-culture of human more prepared for the random questions parents pose throughout the year. Bring them on!



Upon arrival, students are to enter the building through the main front doors. These are the doors that students will enter daily and is similar to how we handled arrival last year. The parking restrictions around Braeside School are on our website and linked here. Please respect our neighbors and avoid parking across from driveways. Please also understand that there is not enough parking for everyone to park directly around the school. If you live close, by we highly encourage taking a stroll to school to avoid the headache personally and contribute to the solution for the community.


At dismissal time, students will exit outside the door nearest their classroom or ride the bus, whichever is the method of transit home. Should the planned route home from school every change, please send a note to school with your child letting the teacher know that the plan is different on that day.



Parents please use this link for weekly updates to the school calendar.  This will show early release dates too!



The Long-Range Planning Committee wants to hear your voice on 9, 8, and 7 school building configuration model ideas for District 112! These preliminary model ideas have been developed from findings of the SCFFAC/Reconfiguration 2.0 processes, updated facility information, and past and present financial projections. It’s now our time to move forward as one united school district and return NSSD112 to the forefront of educational excellence. Please view the model concepts, share your thoughts, rate other thoughts, and discover what the community thinks as a whole. Get started at for English and for Spanish! Learn about the details of the first Exchange at this link.



Please adhere to these rules of the road when dropping off or picking up your child from Braeside School.  Ultimately, no one is ever late enough that it is worth being careless on the road, especially during drop off and pick up times at school.  


Pierce Road and the drop off area in front of the school are very busy and congested at the beginning and end of the school day.  Parents and caregivers can help keep this area safe for our students by following these basic driving rules:


  • Please pay close attention and follow the signals of the crossing guards and street signs in the school zone.  They are there for our students’ safety.
  • Upon entering Pierce Road, please slowly proceed to the farthest point before dropping off your student.  This allows for traffic flow to occur at a natural rate without causing congestion around corners and creating unnecessary blind spots.
  • Please drop off your child at the curb closest to the school building so that your child does not have to cross in front of other cars.
  • Please do not park on Pierce Road between the posted signs or across from driveways. This space in front can only be used for drop-off and pick-up.  If you need to visit the school, park your car before or after the signs or on the surrounding streets outside of the drop off and pick up hours (8:30-8:50 & 3:10-3:20).



We will be conducting our annual drills at school in the coming months.  These drills include fire, tornado, and lockdown drills. As with any type of practice, the point of these drills is to prepare for a crisis should it arise and be able to act quickly and accurately to assure the safety of students, staff, and any visitor.  All members of the school community that are present at the time of those drills are expected to take part. As parents, if you are unsure of what the protocol is during a drill, simply latch on to the nearest classroom and follow the lead of the teacher. If your child returns from school discussing a drill that took place, please engage in the conversation and reiterate the importance of practicing for certain emergencies.


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