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News You Can Use 3.1.2019


As the temperature slowly rises we can see spring on the horizon. That means another chance to have you as our guests at school to discuss the progress being made throughout the year. We treasure this time with you and hope you’ll be able to attend during the days that are reserved for conferences. To sign up, please following this link.


Joseph Hailpern

Braeside School Principal


The 2019 Braeside School Winter Olympic Games are nearing the end! The students have been doing a tremendous job in all the events.  We will have another Winter Olympic Wednesday on March 6th. We are asking that all students wear their countries colors to school that day. Squad 1/Canada (red and white), Squad 2/Sweden (blue and yellow), Squad 3/Italy (red and green), and Squad 4/Finland (blue and white). It was so fun this past week seeing how excited the students were as they represented their countries.

Here are the current scores:

Canada 267

Sweden 293

Italy 280

Finland 286


It should be an exciting finish to this school wide event. Go Bobcats!

Score updates can be found on our PE website.



1st Grade

The first graders have been working on sequencing. We read The Mitten by Jan Brett and discussed how the sequence is the order in which the animals entered the mitten. For any story it can be the order of the events in which they happen.


Students brought home their mittens this week. Please encourage them to retell you the story in the correct order, or correct sequence. They have worked hard on creating all the animals from the story and sewing their our mitten. I’m sure they will be excited to retell you the story using their props.


You might ask your child:

Please show me your mitten. How did you do the sewing?

Can you tell me what kind of animals were in the story?

Can you summarize or retell the story to me?  


2nd Grade

Earlier this year the students collected information about weather. They worked in small groups to gather information about a specific weather topic using non-fiction books. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards etc. A big thank you to parents that came in to work with a group.

Currently they are working on researching presidents. This time they are using the ipads to go on World Book Online to retrieve answers they need to fill out their research form.


Try asking these questions to learn more.

What was the topic you studied in weather?

Can you share a fact with me about it?

Which president are you researching? Do you know what number president he was?

What did you like about using the encyclopedia online?


4th Grade

Fourth graders have been working on their Freedom Trail project and research. We have seen fabulous note taking skills, beautiful bold pictures on their posters and diligent students working in the library.


Ask your fourth grader:

What topic did you research?

How was it significant to our US history?

Who was your partner for this project?

Which part was your favorite and why?


5th Grade Mrs. Lieberman’s Class

Fifth graders worked for weeks researching an animal. They used animal encyclopedias to find the information needed to answer a variety of questions. Becoming familiar with an actual hard copy of an encyclopedia was challenging, but they mastered it. In the end they were asked to write a summary of their animal facts.


Your child may share the following information if you ask:

What animal did you research?

What was the most interesting fact you learned about your animal?

How did you like finding the information in a book instead of online?

It’s never too late to have your child get a Birthday Book. If interested print, fill out this FORM and return it to the library.

Best, Mrs. Lau



We have updated our before-and-after school care webpage to include information from Innovation Learning, which will be our new provider for the 2019-2020 school year.  You can access this information by navigating to it on our school website, the district site, or with this direct link:



Do you know an incoming kindergartner? Have them contact the school office to let Kathi Pickens know of their existence! Planning is everything and we simply do not know about kindergartners until they tell us who they are. Encourage this please! Also, share the link below for folks to kick start the registration process.

Kindergarten 2019-20 Registration Link




Please mark your calendars for the upcoming day off.

Monday, March 4, 2019 - No School (Casmir Pulaski Day)

Thursday, April 18, 2019 - Early Release (SEE ATTACHED FLYER FOR PROGRAM)