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News You Can Use 4.12.2019


Next year the district is launching Innovation Learning in all schools as a before and after school option for families. This is a big change to any school, but there are logistics that all families should know now. For a limited time families can register with Innovation Learning for a mere $5.00. What is registration? It is a calm, low cost opportunity for you to set your child(ren) up in the system so that if you need to use their services later in the coming year it is set from day one.


Why does this principal care? I don’t work for Innovation Learning so this is really self serving a different way. Imagine next year you are struck by a moment in life when you need school to take in or hold onto your child for a circumstance you could not predict. Your support systems are fleeting and you won’t be back to Highland Park until 6:00 p.m. What can you do? Well using the program we are partnering with, you can simply sign them up to stay put. They’ll get a snack, physical activity, homework help, and some STEM type activities. But you need to sign them up for this to work. If you wait, you’ll be greeted, on the day of your need, with pages upon pages of red tape that could be planned for now.


Is $5.00 worth the peace of mind? Consider that waiting means your sign up fee also rises to $75.00 on the day you want to register. Take this opportunity while it lasts (just two more weeks). It is not a commitment of any kind, but an insurance policy for later.


Joseph Hailpern

Braeside School Principal



Please see the attached letter regarding Erin’s Law and upcoming lessons in the classroom.



Save the Date: Early Release BMX Event on Thursday, April 18th from 1-230 PM... Matt Wilhelm's BMX Show EMPOWERS kids to be CONFIDENT, CARING and KIND while captivating them with BMX tricks and stories. Matt was a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent and was featured alongside President Obama in the documentary Stop Bullying: Speak Up. During the event, students will create a MURAL that represents Matt's message of INCLUSION and NEVER GIVING UP. We feel this is an especially important opportunity for Bobcats to learn and laugh together!

Please sign-up at:


Learn more about Matt here:!



As we look to this spring, much time will be dedicated to continuing the educational journey of this year and bringing the year to proper closure. We have great units of study, projects, and a culminating field day that the students really look forward to. We are also steadily preparing for next year.  This preparation begins with deep conversations around classroom placement. During this process, which spans the length of time from April to the end of the year, the educational team will consider many facets in making homerooms for 2019-2020. These include: individual skills in subject matter, social emotional balance and compatibility amongst peers, recommended educational environment based upon what we know of the child in our current setting, and much more.  


As an educational team, we value contributions you make to this process, and linked here is the Parent Input Form we invite you to fill out.  Teachers will combine your input from past conversations along with information from previous staff to develop a program that meets your child’s needs.  These forms will be collected and delivered to the 2018-2019 classroom teacher and may be used by current staff in placement discussions. Thank you for your participation.



Spring is the time for more playdates to occur!  This said, parents, please remember to send notes with your child should after school plans be different than expected. The teacher cannot release a child to another adult for those fun after school activities unless that child’s parent provides the teacher with a note. If there is no note, that child will go home as the regular schedule indicates. Students need to provide the plan for that day upon arrival to their classroom in the a.m. not at the end of the day. Every attempt will be made to call for your child’s plan as early in the day as we can.