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News You Can Use 11.1.2019


As of yesterday,  the new Illinois Report Card is public for viewing at Here you can view data from the district as a whole, for individual schools, and take a peek in on Braeside within the state context. The data used to populate these report cards are from the Illinois Assessment of Readiness given to students in grades 3-8. Presently our 4th and 5th graders are the only students at Braeside who contribute statistically to this data.


This year Braeside received a Commendable ranking, down from Exemplary last year. The change in rating occurs from a multiple set of variables that are used to comprise the overall rating.  Take a look at our academic progress to see results from the Illinois Assessment of Readiness last spring. The growth results are the area where we, as a school team, focus our efforts. Working to ensure that everyone is growing from their present point in time forward is our ultimate goal. Performance Scatter Plots are also available to show you how Braeside stacks up against schools in our district and across the state. 



Joseph Hailpern

Braeside School Principal




In the coming weeks students (Grades 3-8) and parents will be invited to participate in these surveys once more. We have new families, new areas to grow, and new successes to celebrate. WE NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE. Have multiple kids? Do it as many times to represent each one uniquely. Have differing views than your partner? Do it on your own and hound them to do it too! 


I am a pretty competitive human. I compartmentalize a lot of it within the workplace because it can be unhealthy for kids (sorry to those that lose to my nasty knock-out games and wicked wrist action in badminton). However on this front, I am hoping for nearly full participation from parents to ensure that your voice is heard and considered as we review our growth throughout the year. I can then also gloat at principal meetings about YOU and YOUR participation.


Link to the Survey is:

Braeside Code is 11273



The Braeside Staff will be participating in a No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Contest 

to help raise money for the WE School Fall Fundraiser. 

  • Students will be voting for their favorite pumpkins with quarters.
  • 1 Quarter = 1 Vote
  • Please send quarters with your children to school throughout the 

week of Tuesday, Nov. 12 - Friday, Nov. 15. 

  • Students have unlimited voting over all four days.
  • All money raised will be donated to Moraine Township.
  • Winner will be announced on Monday, Nov. 18. Good Luck to our contestants!!


Braeside students completed their Frisbee Unit in Physical Education last month. The unit included partaking in our 6 Hole Disc Golf Course set up outside on the Braeside School property. Did you know that Highland Park has two disc golf courses? One is at Fink Park and the other is at Centennial Park. This is a great family activity that gets everyone outside and active!


We just finished our Tchoukball Unit! Ask your children how to pronounce this unique game. It is a fun game in which the players throw the ball off of a rebound net in hopes that the other team does not catch it. It is a great unit for working on throwing and catching skills. It also teaches force and angles.


Last month was the championship game for the Braeside Football League (BFL)! It was a fantastic season with many great games. 42 fourth and fifth grade students participated in the league. This week was the start of this year's Braeside Hockey League (BHL). We are looking forward to a great season of fun and competition.


A special congratulations to the Braeside Community for once again winning the Fun(d) Run trophy for the highest participation by a district school!!!!  This is a wonderful accomplishment and everyone that participated should be very proud of themselves. We hope that next year we will have an even higher percentage of participants! Go Bobcats!


As we have already gotten some snow this year, it reminds us that students must bring gym shoes EVERYDAY for Physical Education. We want to make sure that your children are being safe, responsible, and ready to learn. Thank you.



Friday, November 8 - Early Release @ 1:40 p.m.

Monday, November 11 - No School in Honor of our Veterans

November 19-21 - Braeside BOOK FAIR (details forthcoming)

November 25-26 - Parent Teacher Conferences

November 25-29 - No School for Students