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News You Can Use 11.15.2019


It took over an hour for the school shooting in Santa Clarita to make it from side column news to full size front page material on all of the major news outlets. School shootings happen so frequently that even while Senator Blumenthal was speaking on the Senate floor to his colleagues in Congress about gun violence this tragedy ensued in real time. For some of you this might be the first time hearing of just another event in American schools because it does not command our attention anymore like it once did with Columbine and Sandy Hook. 


We are so conditioned now to expect these incidents and barely spend any time thinking about them beyond the initial data. How many fatalities? Do I know anyone near there? Who was the perpetrator? The data flows through our mobile devices like stats from the latest sporting event. The only difference is that each time the notification appears we all know that OUR team lost. Every time our team loses. 


So what do we do? 


When you know better you are supposed to do better. 


To this end North Shore School District 112 has embraced ALiCE training for staff and students to bring us up to date in the best practices in preparation and practice for extreme events. As adults we have been training with new strategies and information. We have been processing this change since last spring and are now stepping over into sharing our new skills with students. Next week on November 19 we will have our first new evacuation drill. This is NOT a fire drill, but mirrors a lot of the same behaviors of a fire drill. The difference is in the conversation that takes place in noticing when and why one would leave the building due to danger (that is not fire). This drill is a lot more hype than the actual activity will be. Kids will learn that the old lockdown drills are no longer the only response. Kids will learn that decision making in real time takes listening skills by everyone, leadership skills by more than teachers, and movement into unknown situations and circumstances. Kids will also learn that as adults we are working to better prepare them for situations that are not just happening in schools, but can take place anywhere.


I was reflecting about my kids and their experiences on planes before takeoff. The flight attendants visit each row to check for seatbelts fastened. They examine for clear aisles and leg space, show you oxygen masks that are stationed throughout the ceiling just in case they need to be used. Emergency exits are pointed out and cards are shared showing how doors become boats and seats become floatation devices. Yet my kids have never freaked out about the situation that would require use of these tools. We just do it and fly. Rather they accept the end result (long flight, turbulence, and bumpy landing) without much consideration of the middle disaster. These drills are kind of like that, but for the frequency of events consuming our media inputs.


Joseph Hailpern

Braeside School Principal





Beginning Tuesday morning through Wednesday the Braeside Bookfair will be open to families. This book fair is a huge fundraiser for the school library author visits and a great way to pair that support with some holiday season shopping. During the week there will be several programs that we welcome any and all to attend. There is nearly something for everyone.


Monday, November 18 - Books are set up and classes will visit in the afternoon. At this time students peruse the books and make a wish list that will come home with them that day. This allows you to also shop online if making it into school is not possible.


Tuesday, November 19 - We launch the book fair for the community at 7:30 a.m. with some donuts and books. Come by and take an early look before hopping on the train that day. After school we are hosting an evening event with storyteller Chris Fascione. Chris is entertaining and fun for all ages. This program will be at 6:30 p.m. for those looking for something on the later end of the day.


Wednesday, November 20 - This is our daytime program, Lunch with a Loved One. New this year, we will open the lunch hour to a broader window giving some space and flexibility for those visiting to see the school, shop, and not be rushed by our busy schedule. Students with a guest can eat together and meander through the fair as time allows. Afterwards students will resume their normal schedule. Students without a guest will participate in their normal school schedule, including lunch and recess.



The Fall Fundraiser has been a huge success. Check out our creative pumpkins decorated by our fantastic Braeside Staff. Results will be announced next week. Good Luck!



Staff Pumpkins

Staff Pumpkins


Do you know an incoming kindergartner? Have them contact the school office to let Kathi Pickens know of their existence! Planning is everything and we simply do not know about kindergartners until they tell us who they are. Encourage this please! Also, share the link below for folks to kick start the registration process.



Parents, if you have not already done so, please sign up for a conference time with your child’s classroom teacher during conferences on November 25 and 26 from 12-8. Please be prompt for your conference in order to make the meeting as productive as possible. We believe that communication between the school and home is an invaluable tool in a child’s education and extremely important in facilitating a successful outcome. In order to help facilitate your conference consider sending questions in advance to your teacher so that they can properly prepare.


Please note that District 112 has provided staff with this contractual time to meet with parents to review student progress, answer questions, and set goals for the next grading period. During this time, arrangements are made for many specialists and resource teachers to be available as well. If you are unable to attend your scheduled conference due to other family commitments, you will have an opportunity to contact the classroom teacher for a phone conference on those days. When multiple families request special appointments outside of the scheduled conference dates, planning for daily instruction is compromised, which affects the entire classroom. The Braeside staff works diligently to prepare for conferences. We look forward to spending this focused time with our families!



North Shore School District 112 is working in partnership with families to encourage regular attendance in school. Unfortunately, poor attendance, regardless of the reason, can negatively affect students' grades and social emotional development. Students must be present in order to successfully learn skills, take tests, and keep up with the required class work.  


If you are having difficulty getting your child to attend school regularly, or if family problems are affecting your child's attendance, please contact your child’s teacher, school social worker, school psychologist, or building administrator for help. We are committed to working with you to increase attendance and ensure that your child benefits from his or her education. 


In an effort to bring awareness to attendance, we will be sending letters home regularly for students who miss greater than 10% of the preceding days of attendance. We understand that every situation is unique, and we want all parents to be aware of their child’s absences. 



Attention parents! There are grade level sings throughout the year and the dates are noted below. This year we will be offering all students at school a showtime at 2:00 p.m. on the day of the performance. This daytime performance will still be open for those that wish to join us, but please understand that this is intended to serve primarily as a final rehearsal and student showcase. We may not have seating for everyone on these daytime shows. Then we will offer a 6:30 p.m. sing for parents and families.


Wednesday, December 11th   Second & Third Grades.

                                                2:00 PM   Student Concert

                                                6:30 PM   Parent Concert


Wednesday, March 11th   Kindergarten & First Grades.

                                                2:00 PM   Student Concert

                                                6:30 PM   Parent Concert


Wednesday, May 20th Fourth & Fifth Grades

                                                  2:00 PM  Student concert

                                                  6:30 PM  Parent concert


DECEMBER 18th - STEAM NIGHT 6:00-8:00 p.m.



November 19-21 - Braeside BOOK FAIR 

November 25-26 - Parent Teacher Conferences  Noon-8 pm

November 25-29 - No School for Students

December 11 -  Parent Concert for 2nd and 3rd Grades @ 6:30 pm

December 20 - Early Release for Students @ 1:40 p.m.

December 23 - January 3 - Winter Recess

January 6 - School Resumes