Reach for Change



Sponsor: Lori Wyatt


Dates: September - May


Location: Room 135


Description: Reach For Change is a student led group that started in 2005 in a social studies class, at Elm Place Middle School. The class was learning about the Holocaust and found out that there was a genocide happening in Darfur. Reach For Change promotes awareness of the situation happening in Darfur through the paper doll project, as well as contacting legislators and celebrities for their support. RFC organizes school events such as Donut Days, Bake Sales, Hat Days, and school dances to help fund education for refugee children through the Dream Team Sister School Project.







Reach For Change will meet on Thursday

mornings at 7:30 a.m. in Mrs. Wyatt’s

room. Come learn about all the great 

activities we do in RFC.


See Mrs. Wyatt with additional questions.